Use The Research Broker for all your market research and evaluation needs

Many organisations view The Research Broker as an essential partner. Here's why you can too:
  • You want independent advice on market research methodologies and costs...
  • You want to ensure that a market research company understands your needs when they write a proposal for your project, and not just send you a "boilerplate" proposal...
  • You want enough proposals to ensure a robust process, but not so many they take all your time...
  • You know one company is not always a 'best fit' for all your market research projects, but don't have time to search out others...
  • You don’t want to spend more time or money than you need on just getting the project underway

    The Research Broker is always extremely helpful in finding high-quality research partners in all parts of the world. We have asked them, usually with very short timeframes, to find a research company that can undertake specific projects in various parts of the world. And in each instance they have been able to find the right research partner, often exceeding our needs and expectations.

    Masaru Nakazawa - Cross Marketing Inc. Japan

    Many thanks for the work you have done in sourcing an international (Californian) company to assist us with the market evaluation we are doing in the Southern Cape of South Africa for a major mixed use property development. The Californian company fitted our criteria perfectly and, while it is early days, I have been most impressed with their professionalism and knowledge.

    Douglas Parker Associates (South Africa)

    I have found using a research broker to be time efficient and just plain easy. A broker is knowledgeable about the appropriate research companies to meet your brief. Therefore I don’t have to spend the time identifying these companies. They understand the specifics a research company should include in their proposal so I can fairly assess one company against another and they are the go between, between myself and the research companies so that I get multiple proposals but only have to communicate with one person to get these.

    Product Manager, Merck Sharp and Dohme