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Business Partners

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Market Research or Evaluation companies

For each market research or evaluation project we are involved with we always consult our database to find the “best fit” companies. “Best fit” could mean cost effective, it could mean expertise in a particular methodology, it could mean expertise working in a particular region, or across regions, it could be experience working with ethnicities, or age groups, or professional groups etc.

We invite you to become part of our network. We are always looking to update our database so please take a few minutes to tell us about you or your company. If you are an established company you are probably already on our database. You are welcome to contact us on to review our current data and update it on a regular basis.

There is no cost to register with us. However, we only offer to market research or evaluation companies who are registered on our database our clients.


Public Relations, Marketing, or Communications companies

The Research Broker is the first broker in the world to help organisations find the “best fit” research company to conduct their market research, evaluation, economic, mystery shopping or social marketing needs. This is especially useful because it is such a confused and crowded marketplace with huge differences in price and quality between companies.

The Research Broker does not conduct market research ourselves and are completely independent of all the companies.

Many PR, marketing, or communications companies know one or two market research companies reasonably well that you call on to conduct research on behalf of your clients.

We have used a model with other professional firms like yourself where we undertake the market research brokering to get the “best fit” company to provide market research or evaluations for your client.

Contact us for a brief discussion on how your relationship with your client can be enhanced, and we do all the work.


Government Tendering

The Research Broker has extensive experience in assisting government agencies who are required to use government tendering processes. Our processes are very similar to the commercial sector, with the big difference being that we act as your agent and are subsequently paid by you.

We still offer our 3-step process with appropriate changes to comply with tender guidelines.

Step 1. We write the Expressions of Interest (EOI), Request for Tender (RFT), or Request for Proposal (RFP) for you and in the format that is approved. This document includes all the information a market research company will need to prepare a strong proposal for your project. The EOI, RFT, or RFP is clear that The Research Broker is acting as your agent and that the research company does not need to include a fee for our service in their proposal. You list the EOI, RFT, or RFP on the government tender website;

Step 2. We search our comprehensive database for a short list of research companies (usually 3 or more depending on the size of the project) and invite them to propose for your EOI, RFT, or RFP via the tender website. These companies will have experience and expertise in the sector, geography, or methodology etc for your project;

Step 3. We then manage the tender process on your behalf and provide (usually) 3 sharp proposals on the date agreed. You make the choice as to which company you wish to engage as having the “best fit” for your specific project.

You control every step along the way. You approve the EOI, RFT, or RFP that we write. You approve the shortlisted companies that we will invite to tender. You select the “best fit” company that you want to do your project.

Where the government process differs from the commercial sector process is that you engage us to act as your agent, and you pay us the brokerage fee. We still provide as much time as you need discussing your project at no cost to you.

Please note, the shortlisted companies The Research Broker recommends does not preclude other companies from proposing via the website. All companies who wish to provide a proposal will be treated the same. They can all ask questions, they will all receive the official response and all of their proposals which are received on time will be included in the list given to you. Some of those companies will already be on our database (just not recommended by us for this project). If you subsequently select a company who was not included by us in the tender, our brokerage fee will be discounted 50%.

Contact us for a brief discussion on how The Research Broker can make your job easier, obtain a (usually) higher quality of research partners for your projects, and within government tender guidelines.

P.S. We have been advised time and again from many respected research companies that they often do not respond to EOIs, RFTs, or RFPs on government tender sites due to the amount of work required to complete a proposal, and the potentially large numbers of firms who also submit. They don’t mind being evaluated against similarly qualified and experienced companies; but not against many companies who are just ‘fishing’.

They have said that they are happy to be included when The Research Broker is assisting in the process. We raise this point as you often get a higher quality company proposing for your project when you use The Research Broker to manage the tender process for you.