How it Works

How it Works

These are the services The Research Broker offers, and this is how we work

1. Market Research Brokering

…our core business

Our core business is a 3-step process:

Step 1. We write the market research Brief that includes all the information that a market research company will need to prepare a strong proposal for your project;

Step 2. We search our comprehensive database for a short list of research companies (usually 3) to propose for your project. These companies will have experience and expertise in the sector, geography, methodology etc of your project;

Step 3. We then manage the tender process for you and provide (usually) 3 sharp proposals on the date agreed. You make the choice as to which company you wish to engage as having the “best fit” for your specific project.

You control each step along the way. You approve the Brief that we write. You approve the shortlisted companies. You select the “best fit” company that you want to do your project.

You do not pay us for our time, so you can use as much of it as you need. As brokers we are paid a brokerage fee by the successful research company. We encourage the research companies to itemise our brokerage fee separately in their proposal so everything is transparent.

Just a note on our brokerage fee. In our nearly 10 years of operation we almost consistently have been able to improve the quality of research a client receives for the same price as they paid before, obtained the same quality at a lower price, or both. All with our fee included.

2. Research Consultation

We also advise on marketing research at the business planning or strategic planning level. This is generally where you have selected your strategic business objectives and have built a marketing strategy to achieve them. We can then advise, on a consultancy basis, on how best to spend your market research dollars to access the value of your marketing strategy.

We also evaluate proposals, and manage your market research over a period of time. We can also assist companies find their own in-house researcher.

We charge a consultancy fee for this service. However, if we are subsequently asked to broker each project (or a group of projects) we often provide this service free.

3. Research Products

We have developed the following branded products that you may find helpful and very cost effective. We have used our relationship with many market research companies to create low-cost, high value products. These products are still offered by 3rd party market research companies who are supplying their service and charging their price.

1. TRB Groups ©. These are extra low cost groups for qualitative research. Depending on your specific needs you could pay half the normal price. We have relationships in each country with 2 – 3 extremely good companies who have experience in qualitative research and who do not have high overheads but deliver a great value service.

2. TRB Omni ©. We can access great value phone and online omnibus deals in each country.

3. TRB Desk ©. If the information is stored electronically we have top desktop researchers who will find it! They do not have high overheads so their research is often very cost effective.

4. TRB international ©. Do you need some interviews conducted in different countries? We are often contacted by research companies who let us know if they spare capacity when they are doing projects in different countries. This means you are able to share the upfront costs of your project with another client thereby significantly reducing costs for each of you.

5. TRB DFU © (Detail Follow Up). This is a cost effective solution to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your individual sales people directly with customers they have seen in the last week. Used in the health sector frequently, but applicable to any sector.

We strictly maintain our independence of all the research companies, and our stable of suppliers may change regularly.