How we started

How we started

Barry van Beurten founded THE RESEARCH BROKER in 2001 while he was the New Zealand Research Manager for a global pharmaceutical company.

As with many great ideas, a coming together of two disparate activities led Barry to the idea of starting a marketing research brokering business. First, he was asked to recommend a company to undertake marketing research in a specialised area, using people with specialised skills. Second, he attended at the same time a presentation on mortgage broking. The rest, as they say, is history.

From our first client nearly 18 years ago we have worked slowly but steadily to perfect our internal systems and processes until we can now broker projects anywhere in the world.

In 2012 Barry and Roma Hippolite teamed up and enhanced the business model and internal systems in preparation for a major launch. THE RESEARCH BROKER is slowly adding brokers in all the main cities and countries across the world to provide better service to our clients.

The association (but not the friendship) of Barry and Roma ended in February 2016 when Barry left ‘his baby’ to seek new challenges. We will miss him and will always recognise his vision for THE RESEARCH BROKER.